In Defense of Dorchester

On April 15th, the Richard family was watching the Boston Marathon when bombs exploded nearby. Their young son Martin was killed. His younger sister and his mother remain seriously injured.


Many people (like ourselves) asked how we could help the Richards. The Richard Family Fund has been set up to provide an avenue of assistance by friends at St. Mark’s Area Main Street and the Center for Civic Media.


We are offering up a re-mastered version of our song “In Defense Of Dorchester” to the fund; a re-mastered studio version, a great LIVE version (& video) from our upcoming (live) record, and an “In Defense Of Dorchester” T-shirt too. All proceeds will go to the Richard Family Fund.


You can check out all of this at


The STREET DOGS stand behind the Richard family – and sincerely hope you will consider contributing.


Respectfully Submitted,
Mike McColgan /// Street Dogs

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